Monday, January 23, 2012


It was this past November at my friends birthday party that she told me that Madonna would be doing the halftime show at the Superbowl. I am probably one of the biggest Madge fans out there (I know, you thought I was all metal didn'tja?!) and am super excited to see the Queen of Pop, Material Girl, or whatever you want to call her.


Confessions of a Dance Floor promo

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So I told my friend Kim, who is also a huge fan that we'll have a MadonnaBowl party. Of course Jason rolls his eyes, but my girlfriends are looking forward to this AND THEN LAST NIGHT...

Tom Brady

Quarterback of the New England Patriots

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The Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens (incredible game, really) and now the Pats are in the MadonnaBowl!!! This is very exciting!!! So now I'm probably going to be expecting more and more people over... I don't have the greatest TV either! Owell, I'm going to be making snacks and party favors for the next 2 weeks! It'll keep me busy as I babysit my nephews these next few days!

I'll try to paint something too! Busy busy!

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