Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday

Yesterday I went to buy my George Clinton & the P Funk Allstar tickets at the Orpheum box office during my lunch hour. I can't get over that LiveNation wants to charge me a handling fee of $12 per ticket and since I was buying 3, that would have been $36 for what?? anyway...

On my way back (I had finished my book on the way there: Main Street by Sinclair Lewis) so I took this opportunity to be creative and sketched out the seeing eye dog that was on the platform and then sat across from me when we were on the train. A black lab who was resting his head on her feet as we rode the train together. I noticed when he was a good dog, which really was the entire time, she would lean down and start massaging the top of his head and ears. It was really sweet and you could just tell they had such a bond.
And just a mention that the creative every day was an idea a found on this website . I stumbled upon Leah's blog and signed up for it. I am still having a tough time figuring out the Mr. Linky widget thingy that she refers to, but I just think the whole idea of being creative EVERY day is a great one. Thanks Leah!!
Going to the Paradise Rock Club to see Mission of Burma tonight! Good Times Guaranteed!

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Tracy said...

We'll do some creative dancing at the P-Funk show!!! :)