Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend wasn't as creative as I had hoped

But it was productive!!

Friday night J, S & I went to Mission of Burma at the Paradise in Boston. It was a lot of fun, but someone shusshed me as I was showing my appreciation for a fine performance. WTF? I know I'm loud, but um.... I'm at a concert!

Saturday J & I went out to Chester to help cut and gather firewood for the upcoming winter months. Unfortunately, the chain saws were being fickle and didn't want to work, or that one was too dull, so we didn't get as much done as we wanted to. We were able to get some wood that was cut by J's brother M, and put it in the garage to dry out. Nothing makes you feel more butch then working with Men and Wood LOL.

Sunday J worked on more wood gathering and I moved all the patio furniture off the deck and inside the house. We then went ice fishing for the afternoon at a pond in Beckett (?). J got one run, but it was dropped. He believes it was a bass. The day was so gray but beautiful at the same time. We had a storm coming and it smelled like it was going to snow. It started just around 4:20pm at then we packed up and headed home. I did take a couple of photos, with the phone and the camera.

The photo here is of the pond at about 3 in the afternoon.


Tracy said...

I want to leave a comment about "working with men and wood"...but I will abstain from my adolescent thoughts.

The Potters Stone said...

You have to be kidding me about being shushed!!!

JulieJordanScott said...

Your photo is beautiful. And about the shhhuuuusshhh people are odd. Enough said.