Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Under the Weather

This past weekend I suffered from a wicked head cold. This was after I had twisted my ankle something fierce last weekend so I haven't made it to the gym in some time and 2010 is not going as planned.

However, what I did do is join the "Happy Book" mailing list. This is a book that I signed up for to be mailed to me for a few days and in it I need to describe all the things that make me happy and then mail it to the next recipient. I think it will be interesting to see what other people put down and it'll have nothing to do with booze or drugs LOL! So what makes me happy? Hmmm.... horseback riding for sure. I went this past weekend despite being sick. J was mad because I could go riding but opted out of going ice fishing. I worked on a painting instead.

Which brings me to that I did get another commission last week which is nice because I usually don't expect them in January. One thing I also signed up for was a "creative every day" challenge. I think this is more of a mental challenge but I did some sketches of my kitty as she slept yesterday. Of course I forgot to bring them in, but will tomorrow. I think that will be a goal of mine to sketch something at least once a day. I'll be keeping the charcoal pencil on the coffee table so that it's ready when I am.
The painting is a Havanese painted in 2009.


Tracy said...

Horseback riding vs. Ice fishing? Really??? No comparison!
I love your "creative every day challenge" I super-star challenge you to do it for real. You should buy a nice plain paper journal, then at the end you'll have a "2010 book"! Hopefully with 365 pages...

The Potters Stone said...

Hey great start to the year with the commission. Puts you in the green to start!