Monday, January 25, 2010

A January weekend come and gone.....

Wasn't too creative until Sunday and started a painting of cows. I am not using my usual 140 cold press paper because I do have a ream of the "cotman" paper as well. Back when I used to work for an art supply mail order catalog, we were cleaning out the warehouse because we were moving locations. By this time the company hadn't really been selling much fine art supplies but focused more on being an airbrush supply company. Fortunately for me, he asked if I wanted to take the watercolor paper home. FREE! Of course I jumped on this and scored about 10 reams of Arches 140lb cold press paper... can you say, "SCORE!" ? and in there was also a ream of the Cotman paper.

Now, I totally prefer the Arches 140lb coldpress above the Cotman. It holds the paint, dries quickly and have mastered the technique of painting dark to light for the first layer, and then going back and layering more color where I need to. Cotman tends not to hold the paint as well, so it's almost like I paint once and can't really go back because if I did, the paint just smears. However, by knowing this already (through trial and error) I tend to make these more of a mixed media piece relying on my prismacolors to come and save the day.

These are some examples of my work done on Cotman

So we'll see how the cows come out.

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