Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Kai's portrait made it to a Treasury List on Etsy! Basically out of all the paintings and photos of children, one of the Etsy staff picked mine (and about 10 others) on her Children List. Yay! Thank you so much. More exposure is what it's all about, right? I just think that maybe I should do more portraits. I don't think that this painting looks like Kai outright (and not to mention he's 7 now!) hence the reason I won't do commissions of people (YET).

Speaking of exposure I gots to get my *ss on the ball! I have been slackin' big time. What is it about the Olympics that make me want to watch every event? Especially the skating? Maybe it's my admiration of strength and determination of these kids that really intrigues me. Or maybe it's just watching the tight butts on the guys! LOL In any regards, I'm watching the ladies skating tonight and then I think I'm done. I have got to get back to the drawing table. Oh and one more thing about the Olympics, I don't like any of the US uniforms this year. The bobsled suits are this dingy blue color like they've been washed too many times and the acrobatic ski jumpers looked like they were wearing starry pajamas. Anyway......

Got to work on the newsletter today. That's the goal.

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Anonymous said...

Yes my friend, it's the tight butts in spandex uniforms ;)Jen