Monday, February 22, 2010

The power of the doodle

So, you may not know this already, but I work in an office M-F doing administrative tasks as well as accounts receivable. I am on the phone most of the afternoon calling people to find out why they didn't pay our bills and what can we do to get them paid. Sometimes I'm on a call for a while listening over and over why so and so didn't pay their bills. Little do they know, I'm doodling.

Doodling is not and will never be a bad thing. It keeps the mind fresh and active. I read an article once and it said that you had a better memory of what was being said during a lecture or meeting if you had been doodling all the while. Something about shutting everything out except the person's voice. Here's some interesting articles about how doodling can help a business

and what exactly what your doodling might say about you

Here at work, it's all about geotechnical engineering. In no way do I work with any artists, but in filing a lot of paper work, I'm seeing more and more doodles in the margins of calc paper and printed out emails. To me, that's the way it should be!!

I find that my doodles are more dictated by the pen or pencil I'm using. A felt tip pen will mean more straight black and while lines where as a pencil will make me work in a lot of shading. And I draw more cats and birds than anything else. Especially quails. It's as if every bird isn't complete with out that doo-dad that they have on their head.

This image is a collection of doodles that I've done. I keep all the ones I have (they do crack me up - as in, "what were you thinking that day?") I encourage you to keep doodling!

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Tracy said...

I like your lizards!