Friday, February 12, 2010

Catch all the Love you can!

Well, this is a sweet Valentine card illustration that I made years ago back when I was doing hand drawn cards all the time. I love the lil' bird :) I thought it was an appropriate piece to put up despite how old it is because love never gets old, right?
This weekend I'm heading to Vermont to hang with friends and loved ones that are all creative! Very excited. My friend Dave is a ceramic artist and his wife does some amazing cooking. You can find their blog here: I hope I get to play with clay!!!
My friend Trace, Dave's sister is also joining us with her SO and her dog. She's a beader, jeweler so the creativity is just bound to flow. You can find her blog here:
J is heading up to and you know there will be plenty of ICE FISHING! It's a way of life in the North Country!
Happy Valentine Day!

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