Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's, President's day, Chinese New Year, birthdays

You really didn't know that all of those celebrations were wrapped up this past weekend? ha! We took a trip up to Wallingford VT and this was the Birthday card that I made for my friend Dave

I spent my days with J, my Valentine, ice fishing in Benson VT on Lake Champlain. We were able to find a little corner cove to tuck into, built a fire on the shore and just had a really nice day. So nice, in fact, I went out with him on the 2nd day as well. But this time I went for a walk in the woods. My intentions were to look for antlers of the whitetail, but all I found was poop. Owell.

I also met the "Cookie People" who live down the street from my friends in Vermont. They make AWESOME cupcakes and cookies and of course we stuffed our faces full of these treats! You can follow her blog here http://adozeneggs.com/wordpress/

According to the Chinese New Year, it's the year of the tiger. GGGRRRRRR! Hope it's fierce!


adozeneggs said...

Thanks for the link!!
Hey I didn't know you did pet portraits, like for a "job".
Maybe I'll have you do some of my animals....
I volunteered for the MSPCA, Phinney's Friends program, back when we lived in Boston.
It got cut from MSPCA, so they're on their own now.
Good to meet you, we had fun!!

the pedigree artist said...

Good to meet you guys too! I'll check out that site, as I do a lot of donations of custom work for fundraising as well. They might be interested!