Monday, February 8, 2010

Ready for another weekend....

Because this one was just too short.

I managed to finish the Scottish Terrier. And just in time because I received an email from the winner of this years CAPS event donation ( a gift certificate for a 5x7" pet portrait) and will start that this week. Do you have an organization that depends on public funding? Do you hold events, auctions and raffles for those funds? Contact me for a gift certificate for a commissioned watercolor painting. They usually bring in a lot more than what they're worth!

I also did a quick sketch of the view out my kitchen window, which at 3:30 on a Feb afternoon in the city looked pretty urban and gray. We do have a view of the skyline, but it's much more impressive at night. I was thinking of stepping out on the porch and doing some sketching of that (maybe some pastels on black paper) but it was too cold (15 degrees F). Instead, stayed up to watch Them Crooked Vultures make an appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. If you haven't heard of these guys, oh you're missing out.

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