Friday, February 5, 2010

Scottish Terrier Revisited

So here's the painting with out the pencil overlay. It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated with the paint & the cotman paper. I think I'm really learning how to master this. Which is GOOD, right? :)
As you know, I've joined this Challenge of being "Creative Everyday" and I have to admit I've fallen back into my old habits. Back when I joined, I was sketching everything, making food for friends and then occasionally sitting down at my desk to do some watercoloring. It's weird though, because I have this stack (and I mean stack!) of photos of different things that I feel I must paint them all. And they're all going to be watercolors. And then, when I'm out that circle - usually when I'm hanging out at the "space" where J and the boys rehearse, I'm thinking of the things I would like to do and forever have been thinking about it.
One of these is the Bug series. I'm a nature lover and have a great macro lens and started snapping pics of bugs. The funkier the better (NE Kingdom VT has some great bugs!) And wanted to take these and make BIG paintings out of them. Kind of an expose of the bugs and really how beautiful they are.... My friend P asked me (when I told him about this) "why haven't you done it?" And I really didn't have an answer. Maybe because I'm too busy with the stack of over 100 pictures of dogs?? I don't know. Maybe we'll go and do one and see where it goes from there.

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Kevin Smith said...

You should do more bugs. The wheat beetle you did hangs in my living room and I love looking at it every day.

(Thanks for the b-day call; sorry I've been slack and haven't called you back...)