Monday, February 1, 2010

weekend in Vermont

So the past weekend J & I went to VT for some freezing fun!

I was out of work early so I was able to finish the cow painting.

This is the same cow painting, but with the overlay of prismacolor pencils (I apologize for the poor quality of this photo and as soon as I get a bunch under my belt to scan, I'll upload the better picture).

As I turned the calander page this morning, I realized that I hadn't done a painting of a pair for the website. In the past, I would do an animal painting that reflected the time of year and personally I have been slackin'! So I think I'll start one tonight. Nobody's really been to the site in some time (makes me sad) but who would when I haven't changed anything in some time?

Saturday J & I hiked Lord's Hill in Marshfield. Such a nice day for the hike. We didn't see any deer but I did see chickadees, nuthatches, a pilated woodpecker and 2 wild turkeys. And a rainbow in the sky that didn't look like a rainbow at first it was so bright. Almost like another sun. (What planet am I on??) This picture does not do winter woods justice. I took this with my phone, but took others with my camera. Times like this I wish I had a nice digital, but I'm going to wait til my 35mm craps out on me. And quiet? No skimobiles, no planes, cars or even the occasional chainsaw tear. Nothing. It was quite surreal.

Sunday we went up to Mallet's Bay in Colchester and J did a little ice fishing. I hung out in the car most of the time. It was cold! And we were able to drive right on the ice. I know people from there do it all the time, in fact there was one car doing 360s all over the place, but being a flatlander a.k.a. from Massachusetts, I still can't stop being just a wee bit nervous about driving on the ice!

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